The buzz of anticipation was like the roar of engines at the starting line, ready to unleash a world of knowledge and networking opportunities for eager CATAPULT® Retailers.  
For those who joined us in Charlotte, we’d like to extend a sincere expression of our gratitude for your support. Your presence fueled the success of The Conference, and we hope it left you feeling like a victorious driver crossing the finish line. And to those who couldn’t make it, gear up and get ready to rev your engines next year! 

Now, Let’s Cruise through the Exhilarating Highlights from Ignite: 

Navigating the Fast Lane: Keynotes & Sessions
With a multitude of sessions, keynotes, and workshops, attendees expanded their expertise. The likes of included Pete Catoe, Kaihan Krippendorff, and Dale Reeves, took the stage, sharing their wisdom and fresh perspective. Ignite gave our retailers the exclusive privilege of being the first to witness the newest innovations, including game-changers like Cognition, AutoScale Max, and Produce Recognition. Being at Ignite wasn’t just being in the audience – it was being at the forefront of innovation that will reshape the retail landscape. 

Opening Keynote: Unleashing the Power of Innovation:
Transforming Retail with CATAPULT & a Vision for the Future with Pete Catoe

This session ignited a fire for innovation, showcasing how CATAPULT can revolutionize retail. Attendees walked away with actionable insights to reshape their strategies for success. emphasized the transformative potential of CATAPULT technology, urging retailers to embrace innovation to thrive in the retail landscape of tomorrow.

Keynote: Outthink the Competiton – Unlock Strategic Innovation to Drive Growth & Competitive Advantage with Kaihan Krippendorff 

Kaihan’s keynote was a masterclass in strategic thinking, empowering attendees to outpace competition through innovative approaches. The key takeaway was the power of strategic innovation as a catalyst for sustainable growth. encouraged attendees to think beyond convention, using strategic innovation to not just keep up but lead in competitive markets. 

Keynote: Inspire People to Greatness with Dale Reeves 

Dale’s session was a motivational journey, emphasizing the importance of leadership and inspiration in driving teams towards greatness. Attendees gained valuable insights into fostering a culture of motivation and achievement. underscored the role of leadership in igniting greatness within teams, showcasing that inspired people drive business success. 

Turbocharged Sessions to Rev Up Your Skillset

Ignite 2023 offered nearly 50 sessions spanning various formats and provided participants with abundant opportunities to satiate their thirst for knowledge about essential products and resources. Ignite showcased an array of workshops, keynotes, breakout sessions, round table meetings, product demos, and much more.  

From our range of content, the following sessions emerged as the “Top 3 Most Attended”: 

  • CATAPULT® Cognition™: Preparing Your Business for the AI-Driven Future  
  • Did You Know…? Pro Tips, Tricks, & CATAPULT® Secrets 
  • Top 10 New Features in CATAPULT® Web Office™ & How they Benefit Your Business 

The Product Lab: Live Demos Showcase New Capabilities

The Supercharged Product Lab offered an extraordinary opportunity to experience the cutting-edge CATAPULT technology through live demonstrations. Attendees were granted exclusive access to witness the latest innovations, including Cognition™, AutoScale Max™, and Produce Recognition. They were also able to converse with product owners and ECRS Staff to witness the remarkable power of CATAPULT in action.

Networking: Where Connections Accelerate 

At Ignite 2023, networking wasn’t just a pit stop – it was a gateway to invaluable connections. Our attendees were immersed in many opportunities that would forge bonds beyond business. From knowledge exchange during sessions to spontaneous conversations in the hallways, Ignite 2023 was the hub of camaraderie.  

The Welcome Reception kicked off Ignite in style! The highlight? Custom screen-printing of Ignite 2023 shirts. This evening of connections set the tone for the event, reminding us that community and collaboration are at the heart of the event. 

The Conference Party was a home run, bringing attendees together for a night of celebration and bonding. The Knights’ stadium was filled with laughter and fun. The electrifying atmosphere was a backdrop for more than just memories; it was a place where connections were made, and attendees commemorated their journey with temporary tattoos that marked them as members of the ECRS family. 

The Closing Event at Heist Brewery marked as an unforgettable conclusion. Amidst the vibrant atmosphere attendees celebrated the event’s success, creating lasting memories. It’s fitting finale, which left everyone with a sense of accomplishment for the future. 

Celebrating Retailers & ECRS Milestones 

Annual Award Ceremony 

Caroline Catoe once again graced the stage to host the prestigious Ignite 2023 Award Ceremony, shining a spotlight on remarkable CATAPULT® retailers and their exceptional accomplishments throughout the year. See the full list of award recipients here.

So, buckle up, folks, because the next edition of the Ignite Conference promises to be a ride you won’t want to miss. Stay tuned for more updates, as we rev our engines and get ready to take CATAPULT® Retailers to victory! 

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