Sponsor, Exhibitor, and Speaker Inquiries

What makes Ignite special is the involvement of our partners, vendors, and leaders of the retail industry.

If you are interested in partnering with ECRS to be a part of Ignite 2024 as a valued sponsor, exhibitor, or speaker, please enter your information into the contact form and our marketing department will contact you directly.

For questions, reach out to ignite@ecrs.com and we’ll happily assist you. 

Ignite 2024: A Unique Opportunity for Your Business 


We’re thrilled to present you with an opportunity to connect with a rapidly growing community of retailers in the food and beverage industry. Last year, we saw a 48% increase in retailer registrations, with a total of 421 registrations and 335 conference app users. Retailers represented more than 13 verticals. This year, we’re expecting even higher numbers.

A Look back at 2023 Numbers

Share of Sponsors by Vertical

Total Registered


Why Sponsor Ignite 2024? 

In 2023, we nearly doubled retailer registrations from previous years. This success was due to more valuable sessions, improved product offerings, and a more accessible conference location. With Ignite 2024, we anticipate even higher attendance numbers than last year. 

Continuous Improvement 

We’re committed to making each Ignite experience more valuable than the last. We gather insights from sponsors, customers, and employees through pre- and post-conference surveys. These insights help us identify areas for growth and improvement. 

For Ignite 2024, we’re focusing on session value, product lab availability, and attendee networking. We’ve added or enhanced several conference details this year to improve attendee and sponsor experience: 

  • Gamify Booth Traffic: Increase sponsor engagement. 
  • Sponsor-led Raffles: Present at the Awards Ceremony. 
  • Increased dedicated Product Lab time: More time for attendees to explore. 
  • Larger Product Lab: More space for sponsors & product offerings for an immersive experience. 

By sponsoring Ignite 2024, your business will gain visibility and engagement with a growing audience in the retail industry. Join us in shaping the future of retail at Ignite 2024!

For questions, reach out to ignite@ecrs.com and we’ll happily assist you. 

Sponsorship Opportunity Highlights

Conference Party!

Take this opportunity to showcase your brand in an upscale Charlotte atmosphere for our largest networking event of the conference.

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For questions, reach out to ignite@ecrs.com and we’ll happily assist you.