In a triumphant culmination of innovation, knowledge, and learning, Ignite 2023 awarded its most deserving CATAPULT® retailers. The Ignite Award Ceremony was an opportunity to shine a spotlight on those who have not only embraced CATAPULT® technology but have elevated it to new heights.

Michael DeCuitiis of Adams Fairacre Farms — Ignite 2023 Award

The Ignite 2023 Award, the pinnacle of recognition, celebrates retailers who have achieved remarkable growth through intelligent retailing and powerful CATAPULT technology. Michael DeCuitiis of Adams Fairacre Farms stands as a true testament to this award, embodying excellence, commitment, and innovation. 

Learner Limbach of Orcas Food Co-op — Golden Ambassador Award

Although Learner Limbach was unable to receive the award in person, their dedication as an ambassador for CATAPULT and ECRS resonates profoundly. The Golden Ambassador Award goes to the customer who best exemplifies advocacy for CATAPULT and ECRS. Through helping build our retailer base, promoting platforms, and overall contributions, this customer embodies what it is to be the ultimate ECRS supporter.  

Luke Anderson of Cub Foods — True North Leader Award

Luke Anderson’s commitment to steering the course for ECRS’s product development and his collaborative efforts in guiding the future of retail technology earned him the True North Leader Award. His dedication to giving back to the CATAPULT community is a testament to his leadership and vision. 

Nicholas Hidalgo of Redner’s Markets — True North Leader Award 

Nicholas Hidalgo’s impactful role in charting the course for ECRS’s product development earned him the True North Leader Award. His collaborative efforts and commitment to enhancing our technology have left an indelible mark on the CATAPULT community. 

Rachel Gibbons of The Turnip Truck — One of Us Award

Although Rachel Gibbons was unable to receive her award at the event, her impactful presence and dedication to the CATAPULT community shine through. The One of Us Award, a special recognition for a true team player, was bestowed upon Rachel. Her positive attitude and collaborative problem-solving approach reflect the essence of ECRS’s commitments.

Micah Corrigan of B-Alive — One of Us Award

Micah Corrigan’s dedication to teamwork and his embodiment of ECRS’s core values earned him the One of Us Award. His approach to challenges, commitment to outcomes, and positive interactions exemplify what it means to be an essential part of the CATAPULT community.

Bill Reiffer of Harvest Health Foods — Lighthouse Award

Bill Reiffer’s perpetual curiosity and willingness to embrace new challenges earned him the Lighthouse Award. Just as a lighthouse guides ships through the darkness, Bill’s proactive exploration of new features and his constructive feedback have illuminated the path toward product enhancement and excellence. 

Mike Asher of Detwiler’s Farm Market — Lighthouse Award

Mike Asher’s enthusiastic approach to challenges and his dedication to innovative solutions earned him the Lighthouse Award. He has consistently embraced new processes and hardware, offering constructive feedback that has played a pivotal role in enhancing our products and services.

Craig Hunt of Imperial Vending — CATAPULT® Community Champion

While unable to attend, Craig Hunt’s remarkable efforts in fostering collaboration within the CATAPULT community were honored in absentia. A representative of Imperial Vending accepted in his honor. His dedication to networking, sharing insights, and fostering relationships among fellow retailers earned him the prestigious CATAPULT® Community Champion award. A representative from Imperial Vending accepted the award on his behalf.

Bi-Rite Market, Marczyk Fine Foods, Detwiler’s Farm Market, Lassens Natural Foods and Vitamins, LaBonne’s Market — CATAPULT® Community Champions

While Bi-Rite Market couldn’t receive their award at the event, their unwavering commitment to building a collaborative CATAPULT community exemplifies the spirit of the CATAPULT® Community Champion award. Marczyk Fine Foods, Detwiler’s Farm Market, Lassens Natural Foods and Vitamins, and LaBonne’s Market have set the bar high for fostering connections and growth.

Curt Fleenor of K-VA-T Food Stores — Lifelong Learner Award

Curt Fleenor’s dedication to continuous learning earned him the Lifelong Learner Award. His unwavering pursuit of CATAPULT® mastery, participation in forums, and dedication to educating others earned him this well-deserved honor. Curt’s commitment to excellence is an inspiration for the entire CATAPULT community.

Stephanie Cave of Marc’s Stores — Lifelong Learner Award

Stephanie Cave’s passion for learning and her CATAPULT® expertise secured her the Lifelong Learner Award. With a collection of CATAPULT University certificates to her name, Stephanie’s active participation in forums and her eagerness to advance her knowledge truly set her apart. Her enthusiasm for learning has not only elevated her but also her colleagues.

The Ignite 2023 Awards not only honored individuals and organizations but celebrated the collective spirit that propels the CATAPULT community forward. As we look towards the horizon, the stories of these remarkable awardees inspire us to continue the journey of innovation, collaboration, and growth. Congratulations to all the winners – your success is a testament to the power of dedication and excellence! 

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