If you think the latest season of Stranger Things is scary, then we’ve got news for you: skipping this year’s Ignite conference will give you a serious fear of missing out.

With today’s economic climate, it’s easy to understand why people are scrambling to make all the ends meet. Between the staffing crisis, rising costs, and supply chain hurdles, it’s taking every bit of extra help to get the job done. If you’re like many others in retail right now, you are probably doing much more today than you were two years ago and it can feel impossible to get away. Here’s a few reasons why you can’t afford to miss Ignite 2022:

1. See Automation Solutions First-hand

One way retailers are fighting back against today’s issues is by automating. Ignite 2022 will feature all of the technology solutions you should be utilizing to simplify business operations and reduce overhead. Fujitsu self-checkout will be available for demoing in the Product LabAutoScaleMade-to-order, and kitchen printing for simplifying your deli/fresh prepared areas, as well as sessions on automation topics like The Power of Data-driven Decision Making for reducing costs and WebCart Recommendation Engine for increasing sales.

“ECRS is coming up with so many different ideas so quickly, and pushing them out. I’ve never seen that before. I feel like I’m on the bleeding edge of technology for grocery and it’s great.”

— McCaffrey’s Food Markets

2. Save time and money by learning quickly.

Today’s business leaders have to prioritize their time and expenses more now than they ever have. Rather than spending weeks or even months trying to unlock what CATAPULT can do for your business, you can supercharge your CATAPULT knowledge in just 2-3 days at Ignite.

Ignite 2020 Schedule Builder

Business leaders who attend will learn how to maximize their CATAPULT investment directly from product experts and retail peers.

Want to streamline your trip to minimize Out of Office time? No problem. Breakout sessions start Tuesday morning and last until mid-afternoon on Wednesday. We recommend those who want to get the most value in the lease amount of time plan for a Monday night arrival and Wednesday afternoon departure putting them out of office for under 48 hours! We’ll share a schedule builder in mid-July so you can maximize your session agenda and we promise you those 48 hours will absolutely be worth it.

Did you know? 

Your Ignite Pass and all related expenses are tax deductible and can be justified as a business expense?

3. Don’t take our word for it.

Have you ever thought to yourself: “I would love to try out this new feature/hardware/module if only I could hear from some others who are actually using it?” Besides the fact that you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of your industry peers, Ignite offers many retailer-led sessions. There is no better place to hear an authentic perspective from other retailers who are currently using the solutions you are considering and solving the problems you are challenged with.

“It was an invaluable networking, leadership, and goal-planning conference with wide-reaching use for every industry. I will be back again, and again, and again!”

— S&V Liquors

Hear from other retailers on their Ignite Experience:


4. Be the first to see our newest products.

At this year’s conference, we’re unveiling several big-ticket items for the CATAPULT Community. Through a series of breakout sessions, product lab demos, customer raffles, and more, you can be the first to witness what these new features and solutions can do for your enterprise.

New solutions include new WebCart functionality, Accelerated Checkout, SendGrid email management system, new self-checkout solutions, and much more.

Did you know?

We have more devoted Product Lab, One-on-One Consulting, and Peer Networking time this year than we’ve ever had before.

5. Be an effective leader.

At ECRS, we have a common leadership mantra: “Are you working on the business, or in it?”. We believe that great businesses cannot innovate or sustainably grow without business leaders stepping out of the day-to-day and taking the incremental steps to change and improve the company. We understand staffing is tough and time is short, but guess what: CATAPULT was built for this. You have a system at your fingertips that was designed to make your life easier. We’ve spent thousands of hours developing technology to make running your business easier so that you can continually focus on making it better.

We challenge you to consider the opportunity that is Ignite 2022, an opportunity to step away and focus on what’s next and how you will improve your company in 2022 and 2023.

Here’s the real takeaway.

Let’s be honest. Some conferences are just lights, noise, bar tabs, and travel bills. They’re too big, too busy, and they lack focus. It’s understandable when decision-makers are hesitant to commit resources to attending “yet another conference” that costs time, money, and labor. That’s not the kind of conference we’re hosting.

Attending Ignite 2022 means investing in yourself, your colleagues, and your company to improve your bottom line, build your network, and bolster business efficiency.

We can’t wait to see you in Dallas!

Register today and mark your calendar for

July 25-27, 2022!


Final registration ends June 27, 2022 at midnight.

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